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bintec Secure IPSec 1-Client (NCP) 1 User

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Listed since: Dezember 2005

Sales rank: Sales rank 2 in Networks & Communication Software

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€ 84,90
incl. VAT plus Dispatch
available on short notice
3-5 days delivery time

Description for bintec Secure IPSec 1-Client (NCP) 1 User

The BinTec IPSec Security Client software is ideal for business users who travel frequently or work from home, providing secure remote access through a company's existing IPSec gateway, or directly to an IPSec enabled server. It also effectively helps to prevent security breaches from inside the company's LAN. The flexible packet filtering function enables easy setup of personal firewalls to protect workstations from unexpected malicious attacks. Encryption and authentication operations are completely transparent to the end user, as IPSec technology provides security at the network level, common to all Internet-based applications. The user continues to use his existing applications in exactly the same way as before. Configuration of secure connections is easy for the administrator. IKE probing and a multi-layer security policy, enable flexible configuration of multiple secure connections, including remote access, LAN, peer-to-peer, or client-server configurations. Centralized policy management makes organization-wide updating of the security policy fast and foolproof.

The Bintec IPSec Security Client solution offers full PKI support, with local LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) capability for retrieving certificates and CRLs (Certificate Revocation Lists), and support for common certificate online enrolment protocols. The BinTec IPSec Security Client has been tested for interoperability with most of the major CA vendors, and also provides secure connections even when a PKI is not available or accessible on the network.

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