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Scary Movie 2

DVD videos  ID: 90047074, SKU: 7683173
  • Genre: Horror / Grusel, Komödie
  • ca. 85 min Gesamtlaufzeit
  • Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans
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  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above
  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above

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Listed since: Dezember 2001

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€ 8,69
incl. VAT plus Dispatch
(only 1 pc)
in stock, ready for immediate shipping
1-2 days delivery time

Description for Scary Movie 2

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Specifications for Scary Movie 2

Genre Horror / Grusel, Komödie
Actor Anna Faris, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Tim Curry
Director Keenen Ivory Wayans
Subtitles German for aurally handicapped
Language deutsch, englisch
EAN 4011976831730

Reviews for Scary Movie 2

Customer review:

Scary Movie 2 received 2,8 of 5 possible stars.
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on 03.04.2014 23:56:40 with
5 of 5 possible stars
  • Very funny movie with some many situations when you even cry
  • humor is not for everyone
This film is absolutely not a puritan and modest. It is simply to laugh, with a cheerful company of friends to about 25 years. To older people and for big hypocrites this film seems unlikely awful and incredibly vulgar, stupid and disgusting.
But if you simply fold moral conventions, because to be right all the time is boring, you can it´s okay to spend time eating popcorn and watching his shots.
What you will be pleasantly surprised in this film is that (if you watched the first part), which the main characters have remained similar.
You just cannot take it serious.
The plot is not complicated, and simple. No vagueness and imprecision. Can someone is troubled type and how to think, then I will tell you, if all of the time to think, my head will burst. Just let yourself relax and see something light and not strained.
About the play of actors and speech cannot go, because of the plot, each with a feigned)
Jokes became even funnier, the action takes place in the castle with paranormal phenomena, where lives a Ghost.
The voice acting is good, the scenery too, did not disappoint. Humor funny, sometimes very vulgar, so the only view from 18+.
Want fun? Then this film is for you.

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