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DVD videos  ID: 90020002, SKU: 0331112
  • Genre: Horror / Grusel
  • Production year: 1999
  • ca. 95 min Gesamtlaufzeit
  • Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky
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  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above
  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above

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Listed since: Januar 2000

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€ 8,59
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in stock, ready for immediate shipping
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Description for Anatomie

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Specifications for Anatomie

Genre Horror / Grusel
Actor Anna Loos, Benno Fürmann, Franka Potente
Director Stefan Ruzowitzky
Production year 1999
Audio Format DD 5.1
Language deutsch, englisch
EAN 4030521311121

Reviews for Anatomie

Customer review:

Anatomie received 4,6 of 5 possible stars.
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on 24.08.2014 23:18:35 with
4 of 5 possible stars
  • Really surprising for me thriller/horror from Germany
  • not for everyone
When I started watching this film, I thought that this would be the usual German slasher. However, it quickly became clear that there are not too much slasher components here (although of course the influence of the genre on "Anatomy" is undeniable). Genre can be called even the medical thriller. Uncomfortable hospital corridors and depersonalizing medical clothing give the film a specific color, which has its fans (although in the literature this genre is distributed stronger, it has a decent representatives and in the movies, for example the movie "Plague").

Quite many people are afraid of murderers in white coats, I think it's due to a certain fear of doctors, which is present in consciousness (and subconsciousness) in many people. But in this movie, the atmosphere of the hospital and the decomposed corpses is still multiplied by classical horrible claustrophobic atmosphere of a small university, ruled by its own laws and secrets. So in this respect, the film turned out to be quite good. Secret medical society is quite amusing and terrible thing.

Acting is also quite good here. Thanks to it, and of course the plot, the film is soaked in mystery and uncertainty. Until the end we throw herrings and motives, revealing the true only at the very end.

Thus, the film constantly manages to withstand tension, to maintain interest in what is happening on the screen. Enough bloody murder scene (certainly enough for modern mainstream, and clearly not by the standards of Italian cinema of the 70s-80s) is also driven by interest - in what way will someone be murdered next time. The film's budget was not so huge, but the final product turned out quite pleasant.

Frankly, before watching it I was quite suspicious - thriller/horror from Germany did not inspire special confidence, but in the end I was satisfied with the film.

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