Enermax Platimax D.F. 80plus Platinum 1200 Watt

Art-Nr.: 90708526
, Manufacturer's no.: EPF1200EWT
  • 1200 Watt, ATX, aktives PFC
  • 12x SATA, 4x Molex
  • 1x PCIe 8pin, 6x PCIe 6pin
  • aktive Kühlung, 1x 140 mm Lüfter
  • 80 PLUS Platinum Zertifikat
  • Kabelmanagement
In the product range since: September 2017

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Enermax extends its flagship series Platimax to the new Platimax D. F.

The 80Plus Platinum certified PSU series is equipped with the patented DFR ™ (Dust Free Rotation) technology. The DFR ™ technology, after starting the PSU, lets the fan spin reverse for 10 seconds at full speed to remove accumulated dust from the fan blades. After 10 seconds the  fan returns to normal operation. This process will grant a cleaner and long lasting PSU.

Up to a workload of 80%, the fan rotates at constant 550RPM. With a maximum speed of 1000 RPM, the almost inaudible fan grants an extremely silent operation.

The fully-modular PSU comes with individually sleeved cables (SLEEMAX™) offering further protection and the highest flexibility for system installation. Additionally, the CPU power cable has been extended to 70 cm for an easier assembly.

This high-end PSU line is available in 500W and 600W and is the perfect solution for core gamers and graphic workstations.

Dust Free Rotation™ Technology

DFR™ (Dust Free Rotation) technology

The patented technology DFR ™ allows the fanto remove automatically the dust from the fan blades.
After starting the PSU, the fan spins in reverse at full speed removing all the dust.
After that it will shift back to the normal operation mode.


80 PLUS® Platinum

Up to 93% efficiency at 230VAC between 20 and 100% load. The Platimax D.F. series is 80 PLUS® Platinum certified.

Support of EU Eco-Design Regulations

Platimax D.F. helps systems to meet the EU eco-design directive ErP Lot 6 2013 (< 0.5W in standby mode*) due to a high-efficient 5V standby (+5Vsb) circuitry as well as the EU regulation no. 617/2013 demanding amongst others 85% efficiency at 50% load and 82% at 20% and 100% load.
* only in combination with an ErP Lot 6 2013 ready mainboard


DC-to-DC Design

The secondary voltages (+5V and +3.3V) are generated by the primary voltage rail (+12V). Positive effect: Higher efficiency, clean output voltages (low ripple & noise) and a perfect voltage regulation at all loads.

Full Gaming Power

Four 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connectors to power high-end graphics cards and multi-GPU systems (MGPU & SLI™).

Full GPU & CPU Power

Massive 12V rail to power high-performance and overclocked processors and graphics cards.



New individual sleeved cables for comfortable cable management and higher safety.

Full-modular Cable Management

Cables can be completely removed in order to make the system installation and cable routing more comfortable and to improve the air circulation inside the case.

Enhanced Cable Management

CPU connector cable is extended to 70cm for easier cable management.

DXXII ready!

Full support of most current DX12 graphics cards due to minimum four 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connectors.


Intel® ATX12V v2.4

Compliant with the Intel Power Supply Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factors Revision 1.31 April 2013.

Intel® Kaby Lake™ Ready!

Full support of the C6/C7 energy-saving functions of Intel® processors, first introduced with the Haswell™ generation.

Worldwide Compatibility

Automatic 100-240V AC input for global usage and up to 99% active Power Factor Correction (PFC).


Air Cooling by Enermax

The integrated 13.9cm fan with patented Twister Bearing Technology ensures an efficient and continuously silent cooling and long 30 years.

Dust Free Rotation™ technology

The patented technology DFR™ technology allows the fan to remove automatically the dust from the fan blades. After starting the PSU, the fan spins in reverse at full speed removing all the dust. After that it will shift back to the normal operation mode.

Quality & Safety

Durable & High-Quality Components

Enermax applies high-quality components incl. first-class Japanese 105°C electrolytic capacitors for maximum stability and durability.


The multiple protection circuit shields the power supply and the system from damage in case of short circuit (SCP), over voltage (OVP), under voltage (UVP), over current (OCP 3,3V/5V), over power (OPP) as well as surges and inrush current (SIP).
Das Enermax Platimax D.F. 80plus Platinum ist ein Netzteil im ATX-Formfaktor, somit ist es für die meisten Computergehäuse und Mainboards verwendbar. Insgesamt werden bis zu 1200 Watt Leistung zur Verfügung gestellt - wenn Ihnen die schnellste Grafikkarte und der aktuellste Prozessor gerade gut genug sind, und auch noch mehrere Grafikkarten über SLI oder Crossfire verbunden werden sollen, haben sie hier das nötige "Kraftwerk" für Ihren PC. Durch die Verwendung von aktiver Leistungsfaktorkorrektur (PFC) werden Schwankungen im Stromnetz zuverlässig ausgeglichen, sodass ihr Rechner vor Ausfällen oder Beschädigungen besser geschützt ist.

Das Enermax Platimax D.F. 80plus Platinum bietet folgende Anschlüsse für Komponenten:
  • 12x SATA-Anschlüsse für SATA-Festplatten, optische Laufwerke und SSDs.
  • 4x 4 Pin Molex-Anschlüsse zur Versorgung älterer Laufwerke, Lüftersteuerungen etc.
  • 1x PCIe 8pin für Enthusiast- und High-End Grafikkarten
  • 6x PCIe 6pin für Einsteiger- und Midrange-Grafikkarten
Die Kühlung des Netzteiles erfolgt durch einen aktiven Lüfter. Durch das Kabelmanagement des Enermax Platimax D.F. 80plus Platinum können nicht benötigte Kabel vom Netzteil entfernt werden - so bleibt das Innere des Gehäuses deutlich aufgeräumter, was die Verlegung der Kabel sowie die Luftzirkulation (und damit die Kühlleistung) optimiert. Gerade für kleine Gehäuse und Miditower ist dies sehr hilfreich.
Zusätzlich ist das Enermax Platimax D.F. 80plus Platinum 80 Plus Platinum Zertifiziert - das bieten nur die wenigsten Netzteile.
In allen Auslastungen wird so ein Wirkungsgrad von mindestens 90% erreicht - es entsteht weniger Wärme im Netzteil, und es geht weniger Strom verloren.

Any described warranty is supplied by the manufacturer of this article and is provided at least in germany. The full warranty information, including the coverage and requirements to claim the warranty is detailed on the manufacturers website. You can find a link to this site on our brand overview. You can find more information about warranties in our FAQ.

Accessories for Enermax Platimax D.F. 80plus Platinum 1200 Watt

Accessories for Enermax Platimax D.F. 80plus Platinum 1200 Watt