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Allied Telesis AT-FS970M/48-50 Managed Compact 48x 10/100

Art-Nr.: 90663057
, Manufacturer's no.: AT-FS970M/48-50
  • 48x Fast Ethernet (100Base-T)
  • 2x SFP
  • Managed, VLAN-fähig, Rackmountable
  • Internes Netzteil
In the product range since: July 2016

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The Allied Telesis FS970M series provides high performance Fast Ethernet connectivity at the edge of the network. These switches support security and full management features for small- and medium-sized enterprises, government, education, video surveillance, and Point of Sale (POS) applications.
The FS970M series consists of fiber and copper. The copper models support configurations of 48 10/100TX Fast Ethernet ports. The FS970M series model also provides two Gigabit combos (10/100/1000T/SFP) uplink ports for faster, long distance connectivity.
  • Industry standard CLI
  • Simple, intuitive, full-featured web interface
  • Secure, encrypted web and CLI management with SSHv2 and SSL
  • The FS970M series provides static IPv4 routing at the edge of the network, as well as support for RIPv1 and RIPv2
  • Edge is the most vulnerable point of the network and the FS970M series provides a full set of security features including multi supplicant authentication, IEEE 802.1x, RADIUS, and TACACS+ and dynamic VLAN
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs) enable inspection of incoming frames and classify them based on various criteria
  • Feature two gigabit fiber-capable combo ports
  • Fiber enables long distance connectivity, using existing fiber infrastructure to interconnect buildings and departments
  • Fiber provides even higher security for government, hospitals, and locations with highly-secured data
  • Fiber provides complete immunity to electrical interference, ideal for high voltage environments and in locations with high EMI, such as alongside utility lines, conveyor belts, power lines, and railroad tracks
  • Simple management
    Managing a network with a smaller IT infrastructure can be a challenge. The FS970M series features full management capabilities, with simplified deployment and minimum configuration time. The FS970M series also provides special features that facilitate simple and effective network management such as LLDP-MED, Voice VLAN, and Web management. With LLDP-MED, the user can auto-configure end stations, sending preconditioned traffic that adheres to Voice VLAN. Voice VLAN segregates VoIP traffic from regular Ethernet traffic and applies a higher Quality of Service (QoS). This takes the complexity out of VoIP deployments, ensuring high voice quality and protecting time-sensitive voice traffic from being flooded by other data. An industry-standard CLI, combined with a simple and intuitive Web management interface, reduces the training needs for IT support teams, enabling customers with less technical backgrounds to easily troubleshoot or make adjustments to the network.
  • Enhanced stacking
    The Allied Telesis FS970M series of managed switches makes network configuration and management simple. Enhanced Stacking allows management, configuration, and software upgrades for up to 24 switches with a single command in a single management session. The switches can also share the same IP address, reducing the number of addresses assigned to network devices for remote management. Remotely managing a switch in your LAN is as simple as plugging it in. Once connected to the LAN, the device can be managed remotely from any workstation.
  • Quality of service
    The FS970M series also supports priority QoS, which prioritizes data with a simple command - providing better service to selected network traffic while minimizing the complexity of QoS deployment in the network. Allied Telesis QoS gives the user more control over the traffic of data, and allocates network resources more efficiently. QoS is also fundamental for IP Triple Play (voice, video, and data) applications.
  • Environmentally friendly
    The FS970M series is designed to reduce power consumption and to minimize hazardous waste. Fans are designed to minimize noise pollution. High efficiency power supplies, low power chipsets, and effective power management deliver both a reduced carbon footprint and cost savings for the end user.
  • Effective traffic monitoring
    In order to fully understand the performance of the network - and ensure the ongoing smooth delivery of critical data - users must be able to measure and analyze the traffic in real time. The FS970M series facilitates effective traffic monitoring with sFlow, an industry-standard technology for monitoring high-speed switched networks. sFlow provides complete visibility into the use of the network, enabling performance optimization, accounting, billing for usage, and even defense against security threats.
  • Investment protection
    With the depletion of IPv4 address space, IPv6 is rapidly becoming a mandatory requirement for many healthcare, education, government, and enterprise customers. To meet this need, now and into the future, the FS970M series supports IPv6 applications.
  • Network protection
    To ensure protection of data and the network, the FS970M series provides a solid set of security features and secure management options. FS970M series switches use IEEE 802.1x port-based authentication and dynamic VLAN assignment to assure compliance to network security policies and either grant access or offer remediation. Tri-authentication ensures the network is only accessed by known users and devices. Secure access is also available for guests. Security from malicious network attacks is provided by a comprehensive range of features such as DHCP snooping, STP root guard, BPDU protection, and Access Control Lists. Each of these can be configured to perform a variety of actions upon detection of a suspected attack. Network Access Control (NAC) gives unprecedented control over user access to the network in order to mitigate threats to network infrastructure.
  • Smooth Network
    Advanced storm protection features include bandwidth limiting, policy-based storm protection, and packet storm protection. Network storms are often caused by cabling errors that result in a network loop. The Allied Telesis FS970M series provides features to detect loops as soon as they are created. Loop detection and broadcast storm control take immediate action to prevent network storms.

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