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F1 2011

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Description for F1 2011

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F1 2011 is the sequel to the BAFTA winning Formula One videogame from Codemasters, the developer and publisher of award-winning racing games. Developed under Codemasters' exclusive worldwide agreement with Formula One World Championship Limited, F1 2011 will come complete with all the official drivers, teams and circuits featuring in the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Developed using Codemasters' EGO game technology platform F1 2011 will deliver an unrivaled Formula One experience that puts players into the heart of the world's most exciting sport, powered by cutting edge graphics, advanced physics systems and integrated network play.

  • Additions circuits for 2011
    Two stunning additions to the race calendar extend the number of circuits to feature in F1 2011 to 19. Players will be able to debut ahead of the drivers on the Buddh international circuit, the home of the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of India and players will be able to test themselves on the iconic Nürburging circuit for the first time in high definition, as this legendary track returns for the 2011 season.
  • Be the driver, live the life
    From the paddock to the track, F1 2011 takes players closer to the experience of being a Formula One driver than ever before. A parc ferme area, an expanded and revamped paddock, pit lane, celebration and reaction cinematics and an enhanced media interaction system fully immerse players in the glamou, pressure and excitement of being a Formula One driver. Players progress from rookie to FIA Formula One drivers' world champion in an extensive career mode where gamers fight to become priority driver and shape the development of the car by performing well in races and earning performance upgrades.
  • All the cars, all the stars
    Fully licensed, F1 2011 features all the drivers set to contest the 2011 FIA Formula One World Champion, including Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button. All 2011 teams are represented including Ferrari, Red Rull Racing, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Lotus Renault GP in their iconic black and gold livery.
  • KERS, DRS and more
    F1 2011 includes all the rule changes set to make this year's season the most exciting yet. F1 2011 debuts DRS (Drag Reduction System) the system which enables drivers to adjust the rear wing on the car to give a boost of up to 10 km. KERS also returns, giving players an extra 80 BHP for up to 6.67 seconds, enabling drivers to blast past rivals. Combined, these systems encourage close wheel-to-wheel racing with options for both defense and attack. This season's Pirelli tyres are faithfully simulated in the game, and if players push their car too hard they may experience a range of authentic damage failures.
  • Full day / night racing
    The 2011 Formula1 Ethiad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix comes alive with a full day / night transition which recreates the special atmosphere at this unique track. Every one of the existing circuits from the 2010 roster has been given a complete visual overhaul. Atmospheric effects, including dynamic clouds, compliment a weather system which features an advanced rain model that affects on-track grip. Powered by the EGO game technology platforms, F1 2011 pushes forward the graphical standard of what can be achieved in a racing game.
  • The world's greatest cars, the most exciting racing
    Building on the heritage of producing award-winning racing games for over a decade, Codemasters is uniquely placed to realize the spectacle and exhilaration of racing 200 MPH+ Formula One cars for all fans. F1 2011 can be tuned for players from a wide range of skill levels, from the casual gamer to the hardcore simulation enthusiast and those in between, with a range of differing skill levels. A huge range of vehicle variables can be tuned to suit each player's unique driving style, or drivers can entrust their race engineer to set their car up and head straight onto the track. F1 2011 will support a comprehensive range of racing wheels for the ultimate racing experience.
  • Unprecedented authenticity
    Codemasters has used its unprecedented access to the world of Formula One to connect the development team directly with Formula One teams and tyre manufacturers. Extensive consultancy has taken place with a range of Formula One professionals, including race engineers, mechanics and drivers. This has been combined with real world data including CAD and on-board telemetry to deliver a race experience complete with authentic handling, accurate circuits and precisely modeled racing cars.
F1 2011 für PlayStation Vita lässt Dich auch unterwegs die komplette FORMEL 1 erleben - mit allen offiziellen Teams, Fahrern und Strecken der FIA FORMEL 1 WELTMEISTERSCHAFT 2011. Kämpfe um die Krone des Motorsports, inklusive Trainings- und Qualifying-Sessions, fahre einen einzelnen GRAND PRIX oder verbessere im Zeitfahrmodus Deine Bestzeiten. Der zusätzliche umfangreiche Challenge-Modus eignet sich besonders für das Spiel unterwegs, mit vielen unterschiedlichen Zielen wie Checkpoint-, Gate- und Überholchallenges. Eine Reihe an Multiplayer-Modi online und über die WLAN Verbindung der PS Vita warten auf Dich. Zu viert im GRAND PRIX Rennen, im Kopf-an-Kopf-Duell im Zeitfahren oder zusammen mit einem Freund als Team im kooperativen Karrieremodus geht es um Punkte und Bestzeiten. Dabei kann der Hobbypilot das Spiel ganz nach seinen Wünschen und Bedürfnissen anpassen: variable Renndistanz, veränderbare Fahrzeugeinstellungen, verschiedenste Fahrhilfen sowie auswählbare Reifen- uvm.

Details / Mindestanforderungen

TitelF1 2011
Altersfreigabeohne Altersbeschränkung
Infrastruktur-Modus (online)
Multiplayer2-4 Spieler
PS Vita FeaturesTouchscreen/Rücks.-Touchpad
Speicherbedarf ca.2 MB

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Specifications for F1 2011

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Reviews for F1 2011

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Questions & Answers for F1 2011

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F1 2011

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