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Ridge Racer

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€ 28,50
incl. VAT plus Dispatch
(only 1 pc)
in stock, ready for immediate shipping
1-2 days delivery time

Description for Ridge Racer

The high-octane racing franchise drifts onto the PlayStation Vita delivering stunning graphics and heart-pounding action that players can truly feel. Ridge Racer features high-speed action, high-performance racing machines, and the gameplay additions creating an edge-of-your-seat experience only possible on the PlayStation Vita. Racing fans can also take the action online and tear up the track against players from around the globe using the PlayStation Vita "near" and Wi-Fi functionality and race against other players' ghosts anywhere at anytime.

Specifications for Ridge Racer

  Product Description Ridge Racer - Sony PlayStation Vita
  EAN 3391891961578
  Genre Rally / offroad
  Platform Sony PlayStation Vita
  ESRB Rating Everyone 10 and older (10+)
  PEGI Rating 3
  Language German

Reviews for Ridge Racer

Customer review:

Ridge Racer received 4 of 5 possible stars.
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on 17.03.2012 13:07:23 with
5 of 5 possible stars
  • excellent thought-out schedule, excellent management, social interaction with friends
  • high price
In the high-tech handheld console competition Ridge Racer not a jot the loss of traditional entertainment and excitement, and an updated gameplay will provide an exceptional gaming experience, which, by their nature, can provide only the PlayStation Vita. Fazit: I recommend to try it!

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