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Diablo 3 (uncut) PC/Mac Spiel Deutsche Version

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  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above
  • Approved/suitable for ages 16 and above

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Description for Diablo 3 (uncut) PC/Mac Spiel Deutsche Version

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Zwanzig Jahre sind vergangen seit den Ereignissen von Diablo II. Mephisto, Diablo und Baal wurden besiegt, doch von jenen, die sich den Herren des Schreckens, des Hasses und der Zerstörung in der Schlacht über das Schicksal Sanktuarios stellten, gibt es nur noch wenige, die genug Kraft besitzen, sich an die Gräuel zu erinnern, welche die drei Großen Übel über die Welt brachten. Und von denen, welche nicht selbst Zeuge der schrecklichen Erlebnisse gewesen sind, glauben die meisten, dass die Geschichten nicht viel mehr als Mythen sind. Aber es regt sich erneut etwas Böses in Tristram. Die Spieler werden einen Helden aus einer von fünf einzigartigen Charakterklassen erschaffen, und auf ihrer Reise neue und bereits bekannte Gegenden von Sanktuario entdecken, mächtige Gegenstände, Zaubersprüche und Fähigkeiten erlangen und Horden von Dämonen bekämpfen, um die Welt vor den neuen Schrecken zu bewahren...

Details / Mindestanforderungen

HerstellerActivision Blizzard Deutschland GmbH
TitelDiablo 3
Diablo III (Diablo 3)
Altersfreigabeab 16 Jahre
Arbeitsspeicher1024 MB
BetriebssystemMacOS kompatibel
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
DirectX Version9.0c
FeaturesDolby Digital
Dolby Pro Logic II
Festplattenspeicher12.0 GB
GrafikkartentypenATI Radeon X1950
NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT
MedientypPC DVD
Prozessor2.8 GHz
AMD kompatibel
Intel Pentium D
SonstigeInternetzugang (permanent)
Produktregistrierung notwendig

 (Angaben laut Hersteller)

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Specifications for Diablo 3 (uncut) PC/Mac Spiel Deutsche Version

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Genre Action, Rollenspiel
EAN 5030917102585

Reviews for Diablo 3 (uncut) PC/Mac Spiel Deutsche Version

  Description  |  Specifications  |  Reviews (12)  |  Q&A (1)  |  Accessories  |   ↑  
Customer review:

Diablo 3 (uncut) PC/Mac Spiel Deutsche Version received 4,1 of 5 possible stars.
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on 31.10.2012 07:30:59 with
5 of 5 possible stars
  • Atmosphere, graphics, sound, crafting, DIABLO, system requirements
  • Attachment to the Internet, a system of skills.
Dragged with the game release, clearly won over. As a fan of the second part of Diablo, I was awestruck waited for a new part, expecting her something unusual, something that would have impressed me deeply.
The game, of course, good. Pleasing to the eye-balls cones familiar with mana and health, abundance and diversity of dungeon monsters. Very pleased with the new characters that are not eclipsed the old, but not less interesting.
Of course, I understand that the story in these games is not the most important thing, but you could add intrigue purely for fun. Although there are some positive points - lock to previous installments.
What upset me, so this skill characters. Too simple and flat. No strategy no need to invent, no skillpoitov distribute also not necessary. Sad, frankly.
The game is interesting in the company: and fireworks on the screen more and more fun. General attachment to the Internet is a two-fold sense: an ode to the side, if not, then the game, count, no. On the other - in front of you a lot of features. The same auction. Funny, but the chip with the achievements and awards reminded The Sims 3.
Yet there is one thing that I was left completely incomprehensible. The whole game, all the characters, landscapes, monsters, and so on are made in the harsh diabolic style. But why Leah got out like a character from the world of Final Fantasy?
Yet the impression is good. There, where the lead soul. If we spend a little more time, you can find many kinds of delicacies.

on 01.11.2013 11:27:03 with
3 of 5 possible stars
  • Diablo, Fun for about first 100-200 hours of gameplay, unique in many ways
  • Unique is not allways better, Need to be online to play, lack of endgame content
After more then 10 years of waiting for a worthy succesor in Diablo franchise, Diablo 3 is out. After playing for more then 6 mounts i can say ... it sure as hell wasnt worth is ... but hey its Diablo so I had to have it. Graphic looks great, it really feels like Diablo ... but lack of end game content really didnt leave players much to grind for. Overall its a game that would be a shame if you didnt at least try, but its not addicting and fun as Diablo 2 (not by far).

on 27.03.2013 08:18:57 with
4 of 5 possible stars
  • Many of magic and different races can be long and hard rock.
  • not found.
The return of the greatest games that will simply take over the world. You can play as different characters, each with different skills and abilities. Many different levels and creatures that more of you a few times. Huge Kutch all players. Many weapons and armor. Good nice graphics. I liked all the advice.

Questions & Answers for Diablo 3 (uncut) PC/Mac Spiel Deutsche Version

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Taki 416 days ago
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Diablo 3 (uncut) PC/Mac Spiel Deutsche Version

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€ 27,90

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