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Thrustmaster T-Wireless Rumble Force

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  • Controller
  • Wirelesser Anschluss über USB
  • 2 Analogsticks, 1 DPad (Steuerkreuz)
  • 13 Tasten
  • Rumble / Vibration
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Description for Thrustmaster T-Wireless Rumble Force

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Guillemot Corporation is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of interactive leisure hardware and accessories. One of the largest companies in its field worldwide, Guillemot offers a wide range of products under the Hercules and Thrustmaster brand names. The Guillemot's mission is to offer innovative, high-quality products to intensify the sensations experienced by gamers and the enjoyment they derive from gaming. With its internal research and development teams, Guillemot's engineers produce first-rate technical solutions and product designs in order to offer the best possible price/enjoyment and price/performance ratios to its customers.


Single 2.4 GHz USB dongle for PC and PS3 and PS2 connector (exclusive design by Thrustmaster);

Low consumption (AAA batteries), automatic shutdown feature and On/Off power switch allowing extended autonomy;

Genuine rubber 360° handgrips and mini-sticks;

Two handgrips featuring a genuine rubber non-slip textured surface, for optimum grip and long-lasting comfort even after the lengthiest gaming sessions;

360° handgrips: the rubber texture covers the entire surface of the grip, offering flawless adherence and extensive protection in-hand;

The mini-sticks feature a textured rubber surface, for comfortable and non-slip contact ensuring optimum control. Dieses drahtlose Gamepad ist sowohl für PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 als auch PC geeignet: Ein Pad für drei Plattformen! Es besitzt zwei analoge und programmierbare Trigger, zur feinfühligen Steuerung selbst in den neusten Spielen. Mit dem internen Speicher können dauerhaft Einstellungen gesichert werden. Zudem sorgen zwei Motoren für authentische Vibrationseffekte mit PlayStation 2-Spielen. Die griffigen Handles und Mini-Sticks runden das optimale Handling dieses Pads ab. Das Pad arbeitet kabellos im 2,4 GHz-Bereich, besitzt eine Reichtweite von 10 Metern und benötigt nur drei AAA Batterien (Nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten).


HerstellerThrustmaster Inc.
TitelJoypad TM Wireless 3in1 Rumble
Joypad Thrustmaster Wireless 3in1 Rumble Force
Altersfreigabenicht erforderlich
AnschlußGame Port
Dual Shock
Kompatibel mitPC
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3

 (Angaben laut Hersteller)

Specifications for Thrustmaster T-Wireless Rumble Force

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  Product Description ThrustMaster T-Wireless 3-in-1 Rumble Force - game pad - wireless
  EAN 3362932913467
  Features Force feedback, rubber side grips, vibration
  Product Type Game pad
  Connectivity Technology Wireless

Reviews for Thrustmaster T-Wireless Rumble Force

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Questions & Answers for Thrustmaster T-Wireless Rumble Force

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Thrustmaster T-Wireless Rumble Force

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€ 22,50

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