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Hama Audio-Lichtleiter-Kabel 1.5m

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€ 24,90
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Im Sortiment seit: April 2006

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€ 24,90
incl. VAT plus Dispatch
Ordered on demand
approx. 1-2 weeks delivery time

Description for Hama Audio-Lichtleiter-Kabel 1.5m

Hama is committed to developing and delivering products that achieve the highest performance at a most competitive price, within easy reach of everybody. Hama has dedicated manufacturing facilities and partners all over the world to meet the needs of all its customers for years to come.


Optical Fiber cable in premium quality for CD player, stationary MD devices as well as DAT recorder to amplifier with "Digital Optical" IN/OUT connection;

Extra thick jacket, improved bend protection;

Male plug with metal handle;

Adjustable ODT plug for best contact;

High-quality design.

Specifications for Hama Audio-Lichtleiter-Kabel 1.5m

  Product Description Hama ProClass digital audio cable (optical) - 1.5 m
  EAN 4007249429230
  Technology Fibre optic
  Length 1.5 m
  Cable Digital audio cable (optical)
  Left Connector(s) 1 x TOSLINK - male
  Right Connector(s) 1 x TOSLINK - male
  Additional Features Metal handle

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